This work is motivated by the Sol LeWitt cube. I applied the idea of yin and yang to the concept of my work.

I tried to express ying and yang by using opposing positions from the art world such as light and darkness, volume and size and shape, in a harmonic way.
the white colour at the top and the black from the bottom are both cubes of the same size, but created in opposing ways.

the piece of hemp cloth works as a symbol of time passing through in a harmonic way.

the hemp cloth has a cultural significance for me, because in Korea it is used as material to wrap

bodies of people who pass away.

my idea is trying to focus about the externally determined physical form and the passive thinking. In my Art it is a regular and irregular form between relationship of minimal art and oriental art, that's not only the physical form on the motivation from and my individual idea, and it's working process are accepted by autonomous from symbol of pure meaning.

Also the minimal units according to the principle of the spiritual idea in order to actually achieve the unity of the mind.
That means to create a connection between the viewer and the artist with Minimal Art of pure or spiritual things, object from spiritual and humane meanings.

drawing dialogue nr.1
theory of thinking about cube transformation.
drawing dialogue nr.2
drawing dialogue nr.3
drawing dialogue nr.4
drawing dialogue nr.5
drawing dialogue nr.6
figurative yin&yang meaning.
installation view
studies about cube from Sol LeWitt_1
lockstitch fabric, wood frame cube, cube form, PVC plate,150x100cm, 40x40cm
Rundgang Düsseldorf, 2019
studies about cube from Sol LeWitt_2
lockstitch fabric, wood frame cube, cube form, PVC plate,150x100cm, 40x40cm
cube of yin and yang
cotton, hemp, cushions, form
installation view
installation view
installation view